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Banjira Tenor Tanpura
Banjira Tenor Tanpura

Banjira Tenor Tanpura

Banjira Tenor Tanpura
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Exotic sounds...plus an exotic physical presence, the tanpura is not only for accompanying traditional Indian music, but is also perfect for meditation.  

The tenor tanpura is the smallest of the tanpuras (the other models are male and female) with an overall length is 41". The scale length is approximately 28.5 inches. There are 4 metal strings.

Traditional tuning is 1st string Pa (Sol), 2nd and 3rd strings Sa (Do), 4th string low Sa (Do). While the actual pitch may vary, this instrument is typically tuned to G4, C5, C5, C4.  

A padded gig bag is included.  

Colors and decorations may vary from the photo.        

Actual instrument weight is approximately 3.75 lbs.

Made in India.

SPECIAL NOTE - No Warranty on Strings:
Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. During the long journey to your home the elements affect the strings and may shorten their life expectancy and reduce their sound quality. On occasion, a string may fail during this trip; therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing them as soon as possible. Learning to change strings should be the first lesson learned when embarking on the journey of playing a new instrument.

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