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DOBANI Natural Wooden Televi
DOBANI Natural Wooden Televi

DOBANI Natural Wooden Televi

DOBANI Natural Wooden Televi
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The Televi consists of two small natural wooden balls filled with beads and connected by a strong cord. One ball is held in the hand while the other is swung from side-to-side around the hand, thus creating a substantial "clack" sound upon impact. Hold and shake the Televi for a soft shaker sound. The cord length between the balls is 3.5."

The Televis are purported to improve your sense of rhythm and eye-hand coordination. They have also been found to be useful in facilitating relaxation techniques and as a tension-releasing activity.

The televi is found throughout the West Coast of Africa. The name of this simple percussion instrument will vary depending on the area. Just a few other names include: kitikpo, kosika, asalatua, akasa, bakita, kokosiko, and kosika. 

This small percussion instrument can provide great entertainment for kids and adults alike with its endless rhythmic possibilities!

Actual instrument weight is approximately 0.2 lbs.

Made in India.

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