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Sardar Sitar, Ultra Professional with Gig Bag
Sardar Sitar, Ultra Professional with Gig Bag

Sardar Sitar, Ultra Professional with Gig Bag

Sardar Sitar, Ultra Professional with Gig Bag
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The Sardar ultra professional sitar is approximately 49" long and has a neck width of approximately 4 inches. The neck and body are highly decorated and feature a red etched inlay. The tuning pegs for the 7 Main and 13 Sympathetic strings are hand carved in a floral design.

FEATURE: A short wire, tied to one of the low frets terminates in two hooks. These hooks are used to hold the low bass stings down, and out of the way, during fast passages. As an example: when the number 4 string is tuned to low Sa, 2 octaves below middle C, the string is quite loose and can rattle during fast passages. Tucking the string under the hook, stops it from rattling when the other strings are being played. When used, the hook creates two notes on the string; one note above and one below the hook. Even though you are not playing the string under the hook, it could resonate sympathetically while you play, so make sure the two notes have a pleasant intonation.

Accessories: Includes extra string set, mizrabs, information and tuning guide and padded
gig bag.

Please Note: Decorations and colors will vary. These are all individually handmade and therefore each one will be unique.

Actual instrument weight is approximately 7.0 lbs.

Made in India.

      Full-Size Sitar

      7-String Model - Shankar Style

      Professional Sitar by Sardar

      Traditional Double Toomba

      Masterfully Handcrafted in India

      Includes Padded Gig-Bag, Extra Strings, Mizrabs & Tutorial

SPECIAL NOTE - No Warranty on Strings:
Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. During the long journey to your home the elements affect the strings and may shorten their life expectancy and reduce their sound quality. On occasion, a string may fail during this trip; therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing them as soon as possible. Learning to change strings should be the first lesson learned when embarking on the journey of playing a new instrument.

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