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K&K Sound Twin Spot Classic Pick Up
K&K Sound Twin Spot Classic Pick Up

K&K Sound Twin Spot Classic Pick Up

K&K Sound Twin Spot Classic Pick Up
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The Twin Spot is a twin-head piezo transducer system that can amplify a considerable number of instruments: Guitars, Saz, Oud, Bouzouki, Balalaika, Cello, Dulcimer, Bongos and many more.

The twin-head system has distinctive advantages over the single-head transducer: The positioning at 2 spots results in a more balanced sound structure. The frequency range is broader. The small heads with only 1/2" diameters allow an unobtrusive installation. In addition, small areas at the instrument can be reached.

The pickup head is attached with a special double-side adhesive film, which is UV resistant to ensure safe adhesion even after years of use. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to completely pass through to the pickup disk.

The Twin Spot is a good choice for amplifying Jazz guitars. The two pickup disks are wedged at the left and right underneath the bridge. The characteristic sound is transferred with a strong output signal. This installation method, where the bridge is practically "standing" on the pickup, can also be applied with other string instruments that have similar bridges.

Technical Information:
Pickup Head Diameter: 1/2"
Pickup Height: 1/32"
Impedance: High ohmic
Length of Connection cable: 1 ft.
Jack: Quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell and jack attachment.

Made in USA.

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