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Tunable Pandeiro 10-Inch *BLEMISHED
Tunable Pandeiro 10-Inch *BLEMISHED

Tunable Pandeiro 10-Inch *BLEMISHED

Tunable Pandeiro 10-Inch *BLEMISHED
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BLEMISHED:  Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) Pandeiro featuring a tunable goatskin head and 7 sets of steel jingles.

There are two important distinctions between a pandeiro and the common tambourine. The tension of the head on the pandeiro can be tuned, allowing the player a choice of high and low notes. Also, the metal jingles (called platinelas in Portuguese) are crisper, drier and less sustained on pandeiros than on the tambourine. This provides clarity when swift, complex rhythms are played.

It is held in one hand, and struck on the head by the other hand to produce the sound. Typical pandeiro patterns are played by alternating the thumb, fingertips, heel and palm of the hand.

A pandeiro can also be shaken to make sound, or one can run a finger along the head to create a "rasp" noise. The pandeiro is used in a number of Brazilian music forms, such as Samba, Choro, Coco and Capoeira music.

Approximate overall dimensions are: 10 x 2 inches.

Actual instrument weight is approximately 1.95 lbs.

Includes a tuning tool. 

Made in Pakistan.

(Similar instrument, but not identical, illustrated in video)

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Product codes ending in "-2" are Blemished. They are New and Unused with Superficial blemishes that may include, blisters in the finish, scratches, dents, stains, discoloration, rust or pitting on metals, imperfect glazes, non-structural repairs such as putty in nail holes, or other surface marks. The irregularity does not affect the playability or sound quality of the instrument. These are an honest value.

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