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Banjira Dulcetina - Brown
Banjira Dulcetina - Brown

Banjira Dulcetina - Brown

Banjira Dulcetina - Brown
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The unique design of the Dulcetina harmonium allows it to be hung about your neck, so you can even play the instrument in a standing position. Instrument weight is just under 10 lbs.

The Dulcetina harmonium offers a 2.7 octave range with no drones. It has two banks of reeds, bass and male, which share a single air chamber so both banks play at the same time.

The lowest reed is 2-C and the highest reed is 5-G. The reeds are tuned to A = 440 Hz +/- 3 cents prior to shipping.

It has a two folds bellows in the back, which may be played either right or left handed, and another set under the keys. This provides a sustain of over five seconds with the lower notes.

Accessories Included: Padded gig bag with a shoulder strap and handles.

Approximate Overall Dimensions:
Length = 16.75 Inches
Height = 9.25 Inches
Width = 12 Inches

This is an excellent choice if you're looking for a lightweight, portable and compact Harmonium.

Actual instrument weight is approximately 9.7 lbs.

Made in India.

      Just Under 10 lbs.

      2.7 Octaves, 32 Keys

      A = 440 Hz (+/- 3 cents)

      A Must for Yoga, Meditation & Kirtan

Special Note on Finishes: The instrument's finish color and décor may vary from the photo. Some of the finishes are very impressionable, no pun intended. During the long journey from India, the finish may become marred with impressions by the packing materials. These impressions are superficial and cosmetic and do not affect the playability or sound quality, therefore we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.        

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