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Remo Kanjira, Key-Tuned, John Bergamo
Remo Kanjira, Key-Tuned, John Bergamo

Remo Kanjira, Key-Tuned, John Bergamo

Remo Kanjira, Key-Tuned, John Bergamo
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The Bergamo Signature Series Kanjira is key-tuned using small hooks; its counterhoop ring encircles a replaceable drumhead specially developed to create a warm, dark tone with minimal overtones. The frame of the Bergamo Signature Series drum comes in a natural wood veneer finish with a slit inside that holds a set of tambourine jingles.

The Remo Kanjira measures approximately 7" in diameter and 2" in depth.

The kanjira or ganjira, a South Indian frame drum, is an instrument of the tambourine family. It is used primarily in concerts of Carnatic music (South Indian classical music) as a supporting instrument for the mridangam. The kanjira is a comparatively recent innovation (having been used for fewer than 100 years) and was added to classical concerts during the 1930s.

Since 1970, John Bergamo has been coordinator of the percussion program at California Institute of the Arts. His breadth of background has led him to performing concerts with John McLaughlin's Shakti, performing in Frank Zappa's Abnuceals Emukka Orchestra, recording with, and a tour to the Soviet Union with Robert Shaw, to name only a few. John continues to be involved in contemporary music performance, studio work and non-EuroAmerican music performance.

Incorporating many of the styles which have influenced him, John has co-founded two all-percussion groups The Repercussion Unit in 1976 with Larry Stein, Ed Mann, James Hildebrandt, Greg Johnson, Paul Anceau, and Steven "Lucky" Mosko; and The Hands On'Semble with Andrew Grueschow, Randy Gloss and Austin Wrinkle in 1997.

Actual instrument weight is approximately 1.0 lbs.

Made in USA.

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