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Banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo) 23-Inch
Banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo) 23-Inch

Banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo) 23-Inch

Banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo) 23-Inch
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The Bulbul Tarang is a 23" long Indian Banjo, with 10 steel strings. Its name literally means "waves of nightingales." The case is integral to the instrument.

Eight main strings are plucked or strummed with picks while depressing the keys to change the notes. The instrument has two sympathetic strings. The main strings on this banjo are all tuned to the same note. It can be any note comfortable to the vocals. Then, the sympathetic strings are tuned to a complimentary harmonic.

Indian instruments are usually tuned for the vocals or the particular Raga or song being played. They are not limited to one tuning. The left most key moves but does not fret the strings, it is a vestigial key and plays the open notes. 

It's important to note that, generally speaking, the quality standards of Indian instruments usually focus more on the functionality of the instrument than the aesthetics. Indian instruments often sound better than they look. The BulBul Tarang is an example of this. Marred finishes, color variations, dents, dings, surface imperfections and general blemishes are standard. We do sort through the shipments when they arrive and take the most blemished out of the first quality inventory. However, you should not expect an Indian Banjo to be unmarred.

Actual instrument weight is approximately 4.0 lbs.

Made in India.

SPECIAL NOTENo Warranty on Strings: Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. During the long journey to your home the elements affect the strings and may shorten their life expectancy and reduce their sound quality. On occasion, a string may fail during this trip; therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing them as soon as possible. Learning to change strings should be the first lesson learned when embarking on the journey of playing a new instrument.

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