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World Percussion

Anthropologists and historians often speculate that percussion instruments were the first musical devices ever created. The human voice was probably the first musical instrument, but percussion instruments such as hands and feet, then sticks, rocks and logs were almost certainly the next steps in the evolution of music. Percussion instruments can be classified by various criteria sometimes depending on their construction, ethnic origin, their function within musical theory and orchestration, or their relative prevalence in common knowledge. Percussion is commonly referred to as "the backbone" or "the heartbeat" of a musical ensemble.

When applied with care & finesse, percussion can add a huge range of textures to accent your musical dialog, everything from an emotive and arousing sense of power capable of moving the crowd, to subtle and magnificent colors that but whisper to the individual listener.  

Sound World Instruments (SWI) has an enormous variety of percussion instruments available from every corner of the world map.  If you are looking for a hand percussion instrument or other fine world percussion instrument, you've come to the right place.  We stock everything from Wooden Blocks, Cow Bells, the African Agogo, Spoons, Monk Bells, Scrapers and Rhythm Sticks to the Remo Fruit Shakers, Spring Drums & Sound Shapes…all great, great fun! For a little more exotic sound, you will love instruments like the Kalimba, the Brazilian Caxixi & Cuica, the familiar Rain Sticks & Maracas or the Kokinko. If soothing & therapeutic are in order, our Energy Chimes and Asian Singing Bowls have proven to be perennial customer favorites!  

Most percussion instruments can be equally enjoyed by players of any skill level, so you are challenged to explore, experiment, share and enjoy!

Please check out this category on a regular basis as we're always looking for new things to "shake, rattle and beat (?)." You too...we might guess!

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