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Kids' Drums & Other Noisy Stuff

Kids' Drums & Other Noisy Stuff, need we say more! Well…the answer is yes! These children's musical instruments are, first & foremost chosen for “fun factor,” just ask a kid if you’ve forgotten this essential criterion. Then, for the BIG people, they must be designed for ease of cleaning, years of durability and safe play.

Most of the instruments featured in this collection are perfect for children's music education programs and for use in physical or music therapy settings (good judgment, as always, takes precedence). They are designed for ease of cleaning, years of durability and safe play.

We consider music a form of therapy and offer musical instrumentation and educational materials at an additional discount for any qualifying organization.

Sound World Instruments (SWI) has a great selection of fun & easy to play instruments for kids, ranging from the wild & wonderful Fruit Shakers and Lollipop Drums to the colorful Kokinko. Our wooden Slide Whistles are constructed just the way you might remember, if you’re a “baby-boomer”…no plastic here! Don’t forget the ever fascinating little Ocarina, the Rhythm Sticks or our favorite new Remo Sound Shapes kits, available even in a family pack of six…how great is that! For the more eclectic minded diminutive musician, there’s always the Remo Djembe, Bongos, Cluster Drums, or perhaps a Konga or Floor Tom. Want more choices…of course you do, how about a Tubano, the killer Spring Drum or, my personal favorite, because it can be played together, the fabulous Gathering Drum. They had me as soon as I heard the name! If your little maestro loves to explore the many sound possibilities within a single most versatile instrument, I must recommend the Remo Ocean Drum. Please explore the following pages and give the gift of music…the rewards can be magical!
The Remo Kid's Percussion Collection gives children exciting ways to make music and discover rhythm with their very own instruments. Remo Kid's Percussion instruments have received the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Awards for product quality. These kid's drums are designed for safety and stability, having no sharp edges or metal lugs and being well balanced so they can't be easily knocked over and, if perchance it does happen, they won’t damage the floor or your kids. The bright colors and jungle scenes of the Rain Forest design draw little drummers into the joy of making and, most importantly, the sharing of music.

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