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  Welcome to Sound World Instruments!

Sound World Instruments originated from a spirit and a philosophy that undoubtedly touches all truly creative people, but it is made manifest for the musician in a special dialect or mother tongue of harmony & rhythm.  We hope that by facilitating this aural conversation we can help to create a pathway and ourselves become 'Instruments' toward a healthier and a more 'Sound World' for us all.

Hence our moniker, "Sound World Instruments."  
Making music excites, inspires and enriches children & adults alike. Bring your friends & family together through the joy of harmony & rhythm...begin those treasured lifetime memories right here!

Our Musical Philosophy

The world of music has many colors & textures presented to us as part of a rich world heritage. Through the diversity of human cultures and imaginations, we are given this treasure of musical invention, made possible by the peoples of this unique planet taking differing approaches to the mechanics and aesthetics of creating the essential rhythms and melodies of their lives. Sound World Instruments hopes to be your window on that world through our online musical instrument store by offering the widest assortment of discount musical instruments from around the globe.
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